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What does it mean actually?

 It means a lot for me....What is that thing actually? . So, as always sometimes I feel that nothing can be happened. But It is always there. Which motivates, suggests me to have a new beginning, wonder, and a new start. This can be meaningless for some of you. But my only motive is to express my thoughts not to fulfill your mind. If you have that time you can move forward.

Yaah! If this can relate to your life too. I am able to see my next stair in about 12 days. It feels like you have studied for the whole year. But it's not over. It's your Boards examination. At the end this thought also hits me that, Are actually boards marks gonna affect ? But see, you are provided with a opportunity and you wanna succeed that. Nothing will change by your marks. But only the perspective can be changed.

I learnt one thing from the book IKIGAI that it's most important to find out your reason or aim or your interest in life. And to live according to that. To observe, visualize and to achieve that is in your hands. Some important lessons from it are

What you love, What you are good at, What the world needs and few more that are not applicable right now. Yaah, IKIGAI can be your PASSION, MISSION, VOCATION and most importantly based on the next two years that is PROFESSION. And only striving to achieve that. That's a different pain. 

 But at this stage of life it's very hard. Yaah, it can be done but lot more other distractions (not so but things) are there in surrounding. They make us feel that, come towards me. Wanna live away from that. 

At the ending.....

And all the **** happen where you understand and you cannot implement that thing. Now I am only in search of that one solution . And it's correct that you don't get that till you experience that. But are there any limitations where to stop to take only experiences? And feels empty after writing things. That was a era when I used to right such things on a diary but according to the time it went on changing. And change is very important.

Ani sagla ghol tithach hoto ki evdh sagl kalun pn aaplyala te implement karta yet nahi. Ata evdhach solution pahije. Ani barobarye anubhavashivay te kalat nahi. Pn anubhav tari kiti ghyaycha. Khup lihushi vatat hot. Madhye madhye kahi paragraph pn incomplete rahile aahet. Surely I will try to complete them. Ikd 2 la marathicha paper aahe tyach veglach tension ye. 

Ani shevti ek lyrics aikaychi ani parat suruwat karaychi..

Maana ki mushqil hai safar

Par sun o musaafir 

O.. kahin agar tu ruka toh

Manzil aayegi na phir

Kadam kadam milaaye ja

Gagan gagan jhukaye ja

Rakh hausla kar faisla

Tujhe waqt badalna hai

Darr na tu bandeya

Ruk na tu bandeya


  1. The Experience you're having is kinda similar to Mine.....


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