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Learning from the experiences... PART 1

But what type of experiences... Lot more are there! To know that be with me till the end of this post. See, Taking experiences in our life is must. We should go through different type of situations. It builds a confidence. And that helps you throughout your decision making. The pain in the previous situation teaches you, how to avoid that in the upcoming events. Thus, you become capable of overcoming on that. There are various types of experiences. They can be Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social, etc. They can vary according to your age group. More importantly when you are in phase of your changing into adulthood that is teenage, the things affect you are very important. But in case you don't understand at that time. And yaah.. I'm going to express my learnings from the experiences I took in my teenages.  Lot more to write in this post! But not having time to write. Surely get the next part in the PART 2 of this post! Thank you!